Sponge cake with strawberry jam

Sponge cake with strawberry jam

The easy strawberry jam I made was so good that I wanted to accompany it with something great. I had it with some crackers, hard cheese and also in the chia pudding, and it was delicious. However, I decided to bake a cake, since my birthday was coming up. I tend to make multiple layer cakes for occasions only and my birthday is of course one. I feel special having this cake at home and sharing it with just a few people. This makes snack time much more interesting and enjoyable. Cakes usually require some effort, which makes you appreciate them more.

This sponge cake turned out to be very soft and it does not feel that it is a healthy cake or grain free which is a plus considering it has only a few clean ingredients. Everyone who tried it agreed that it tastes delicious and similar to a conventional sponge cake. 

Serving Suggestions

There are many ways on how you can serve this cake and I always love to learn from readers, so do comment if you find other useful ideas. My ideas are below:

  1. Layer strawberry jam in the middle and cover cake with fresh strawberries
  2. Layer strawberry jam in the middle and top cake with Greek yoghurt and fresh strawberries
  3. Layer strawberry jam in the middle and cover cake with cashew cream frosting which will feel like white chocolate
  4. Serve with a side of fresh strawberries and greek yoghurt which will feel like ice cream
  5. Layer with any other jam
  6. Serve as shortcake with Greek yoghurt or coconut whipped cream in the middle together with strawberry jam and fresh strawberries

Other cakes

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