Preserving Fresh Herbs

Preserving Fresh Herbs

This is the best time to preserve basil or any other herb which will die out by winter. Below is a nice way of preserving fresh herbs for the colder days.

You could just toss these ice cubes on your salad and allow them to melt, otherwise you could easily dissolve them in any soup or sauce you are cooking.

 You will need:

  1. Fresh herbs
  2. Ice cube tray
  3. Olive Oil

Step 1. Clean the fresh herbs and allow them to dry out naturally. When they are ready, prepare your ice cube tray and olive oil (or any other oil of choice).

DSCF5452 (Small) 

Step 2. Gently tear the herbs into smaller pieces using your fingers and place them in ice cube trays.

DSCF5454 (Small) (Custom) 

Step 3. Cover herbs with olive oil. You can fill up the ice cubes to the top but if you prefer less oil on a salad just add as desired.

 DSCF5456 (Small) (Custom)

Step 4. Store the trays in freezer. The oil will harden and allow you to easily use these herbs.

DSCF5509 (Small) (Custom) 

Step 5. You can continue storing these herbs in the freezer or otherwise if you wish to reuse the ice cube trays, pull out the cubes and store them in a labelled plastic bag. Continue storing in freezer until desired.

DSCF5511 (Small)

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