Homemade Almond Butter

You will be surprised to know how easy it is to make your own nut butter. It just takes minutes and it will be also cheaper than store bought product. Make your own CLEAN, NO added sugar, NO preservatives and NO coloring almond butter.


Homemade Almond Butter
Yields 1
  1. 2 cups raw almonds
  1. Take about 2 cups almonds with skin on and bake for 10 minutes. Be careful not to overcook the nuts since they cook very easily so avoid burning and keep an eye on them.
  2. When cooked let them cool for another 10 minutes so that almonds are not piping hot. However if they are still warm it will help them to break up easily when making the butter.
  3. Pour almonds in a container and then start blending with a soup blender or high speed food processor. At first the almonds will start breaking into crumbs so use a clean towel to cover the container so as not to waste the flying bits.
  4. Soon after becoming powdery, almond oil will come out of the almonds helping the whole lot to soften. Continue blending until you reach desired butter consistency.
  1. You can multiply the quantity however do not do less than 2 cups in order to allow food processor to have enough almonds to press against the blades.
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