Healing Balm

Caution! This healing balm works wonders and you might become addicted. This is not a bad warning but I wanted to emphasize how great this product is by saying that this really works and is better than any conventional gel. I have been making it for the past two years and it works wonders for muscle pain, bruises or sore feet. Since I bruise easily I apply it before the bruise comes out, and it works great because then I do not bruise at all. If I apply it on an old bruise, or after it has appeared, then it takes a bit more time to go off, but it still works great. It is also great to soothe back and neck pain or sore feet after a long day out. 

healing balm ingredients (Medium)
Ginger and rosemary essential oil helps the circulation in the area applied which allows blood to flow easily instead of clogging under the skin, which in turn allows for quicker healing. Ginger oil helps to relieve aches and pain. Tea tree oil is great for it’s antibacterial properties and eucalyptus essential oil helps ease muscle pain. I just like adding a touch of lavender essential oil to sooth the skin as my mentor has taught me. Lavender is very calming for the skin making it great as a counteract in case any of the other essential oils irritate the skin.
I use this gel instead of the conventional Voltaren gel. I feel better knowing what I am applying to my skin and the best thing is it works. Try making it next time you go on your skiing or snowboarding holiday.

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Healing Balm
Prep Time
5 min
Prep Time
5 min
  1. Pour aloe Vera gel in a sealable container.
  2. Pour the essential oil drops on top of the aloe gel.
  3. Close the container and shake the container sideways, gently just to combine the oils. Do this for a couple of times.
  4. Use within a year, however the fresher the gel is the more efficient it will be.
  1. Please note that this mixture is not good for very sensitive skin or young children (under 10 years old), since it uses a large dose of essential oils. You should only use one drop of each essential oil if you want to apply this gel on very sensitive/ baby skin.
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